Price Guide

These are a base price, and are subject to change based on character complexity. If you're unsure about the final cost of a project, request a quote! First quote is on the house. 

Fullsuits $3,500-$4,000

Tailored to fit you perfectly, our fullsuits come with a head, bodysuit, puffy handpaws, indoor feetpaws, and a tail to complete the look. Choose between a plantigrade or digitigrade body style. 

Plantigrade- $3,500+

Digitigrade- $4,000+

Full partials $2,700

Our full partials feature everything but the body! Full partial fursuits come with a head, arm sleeves, puffy handpaws, indoor feetpaws, and a tail. 

Mini partials $2,100

Keep it light with a mini partial! Minis come with a head, puffy handpaws, and a tail. 

Heads and Small Parts

Heads- $1,500

  •  fully furred with a custom sturdy foam base, neoprene lining, and a zipper for ease of wear.

Handpaws- $450 puffy, $300 flat, $400 five fingered

  • puffy stuffed fingers with lycra liner, stuffed pawpads, and a soft fleece cuff.

  • flat style  is identical to puffy, minus the puff!

  • five fingered style is slim fit like gloves. 

Feetpaws- $400 outdoor, $450 indoor

  • Quilted cotton lining, fully stuffed construction.

  • Outdoor sturdy non-slip bottoms, or indoor stuffed pads.

Arm sleeves- $200

  • Lycra lined with an elastic back strap. 

Tails- $200

  • Fully stuffed with a strong fleece base.

If you have any questions about the listed prices, a more in depth price sheet is available here.